The Company

The Company was founded in 1998 by Michael Wheatley to provide a high quality service to all users of sterilizers and autoclaves. In summary, we are a company dedicated to your needs. Our commitment is to excellence through our ability to provide the service you expect.

We have a number of specific aims

  • To ensure customer satisfaction by offering a completely flexible service, based upon technical requirements
  • To provide a consultancy service on all aspects of sterilizer technology
  • To provide an upgrade service on all types of sterilizers utilizing the latest control technology

To support these aims we provide

  • A highly skilled and motivated team with extensive knowledge of the sterilizer marketplace
  • Access to specialist third parties able to provide leading edge software applications
  • Professional steam quality measurement, consultancy and training

Our Engineers

All the engineers that we employ are qualified to a very high technical standard, having backgrounds that include working on sterilizers within the UK National Health Service or major sterilizer manufacturers i.e. SEC (Getinge), BMM Weston, Belimed, SAL (Southtrim Autoclaves Limited), MDH (Medical Dent and Hellyer) etc. Our engineers are trained and experienced with Washer Disinfectors and can perform Testing in accordance with HTM 01-01. Copies of test persons certificates are available on request and are routinely enclosed in our reports to customers.